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October 2008 - Ladies and Metalmen!

We spent a leisurely summer (as in we took the summer off from the band!), Johnny and Tracy got married on the beautiful island of St. Lucia, and we continue to contact EVERY METAL SITE ON THE INTERNET!  You'd think I'd be finished by now!  Seriously, we've been picking up new distributors for "Soldiers From Hell"; are on a new comp by Sinister Music (they distribute comp cds at major metal shows); we have done some interviews and had several reviews' and please check out our live interview with We've had nearly 10,000 hits on our MySpace and we try to keep that updated as well.  Please let us know by email or myspace how YOU'RE surviving...we'd love to hear from you...

Be well...and keep the metal fires burning....

March 2008 - "Yes, Ladies and Metalmen! We're actually performing again! But don't miss this one - it may be the only local show we do! Our CD RELEASE PARTY will be on SATURDAY APRIL 26TH AT MAC'S THE CLUB IN ESSEX with our friends DIVISION and TWIST OF FAITE. (Check out their sites and It promises to be a NIGHT OF METAL MADNESS! Division appears at 930pm, with Black Widow USA on at 1100pm, and TOF at 1230am. We kind of "took over" Mac's - so lets get out and prove that REAL METAL is still alive and well...

With the official 2008 release of "Soldiers From Hell", we have already secured distribution with Germany's Hellion Records, Pure Steel Records, UndergroundPower and Metaleros. Our friend, Denis, of Sentinel Steel is also a US/International distributor. Rockstakk represents us in Japan. And locally, we are in Record and Tape Traders, Melody Record Shop, Sound Garden, and Vienna Music Exchange. We've had much success with CDBaby, who also distributes world-wide. We've gotten a few reviews, but the one to look for will be in Metal's premier magazine, "Brave Words, Bloody Knuckles" appearing in their next issue. Also, thanks to our friend, Nancy Lewis, who has set up our MYSPACE -

Again, many, many thanks to those who have stood by us, and to our new friends...and go buy the cd! Like Sebastian Bach says: "If I've got 80,000 'friends' on myspace, how come they haven't all bought my album???" SEE YOU ON APRIL 26TH!"

December 2007 - "Soldiers From Hell" is burning up in our hot hands!  After what seemed like an eternity, our new cd is now available!  Please visit our "store" for purchase and email us for free shipping.  Again, many, many thanks to those who have helped make this possible - for your input and your patience.  Next is the cd release party early in 2008.  Please keep watching the site for an update, and add your email to our Guestbook so that we can inform you when the party starts!

I would be ignoring my heart if I didn't write how saddened we are to lose one of the icons of metal - Kevin Dubrow - Johnny had the privilege of being in his "circle" when he lived in L.A., and we'll always have the memory of opening for them in October of 2001 at the Thunderdome in Baltimore, MD.   Quiet Riot was the first metal band to break the Top 40 with "Cum on Feel the Noise" - he was the voice of the beginning, and will be remembered forever.  May he rest in the arms of the angels...

Have a great holiday season...see you soon! Metal Christmas! Cat, Tommy, Johnny, and Wayne

September 2007 - The mixes are done on "Soldiers From Hell" and will go into mastering and production soon.  We can't wait for you, and the world!, to hear our latest.  We had such a wonderful experience with Kevin and Ben at Assembly Line.  They are the ultimate professionals and know how to get the best out of you. ("The Swedish judge gives it a "9" - lets go for a "10"!)  We've added some keys/violins/acoustic parts to some of our new material, and are really pleased with what we hear - hope you'll share our enthusiasm!

Many thanks to Joe Hasselvander for his referral to Assembly Line, Tracy Leicht, Nancy Lewis HMW/OBP, Scott Saunders, Aileen and Bernie Kreppel and my Godson, Kevin, Lisa Brightwell, and our many friends who have stayed by our side while we hung out in the basement for more than a year...once you hear the cd, you'll know it was worth it!  We'll let you know when it's getting close to being prepared...keep it Metal!

June 2007 - FINALLY! We've booked the month of July in Assembly Line Studios in Vienna, VA.  Assembly Line, and Kevin and company, are well known for working with a lot of national metal bands, as well as many famous artists.  Kevin knows the sound we want, and is a drummer in his own metal band, so we're really looking forward to working with him.  We'll keep you updated...

Many of you ask when we'll be playing out again...  We've been concentrating on writing and rehearsing for over a year now, and have had to sacrifice playing "live", or doing any fests, etc.  We're dying to get Wayne out on stage (I'm sure he is too!) and, hopefully, after the dust settles, we'll do some shows...  As you know, this area is not condusive to the type of metal we do, so we realize we're limited as far as venues.  The cds are still doing well in Europe, and that's what we'll be focusing on with the release of "Soldiers From Hell".  Look out, the Widow creeps forward...

On a personal note - thanks to all of you who came out for Tom's birthday party.  When our dear friend, Nancy, had everyone raise their "horns up" (and their drinks!), I not only realized how they were honoring Tom, but how they were honoring the music of our lives - Metal...Keep the flames burning...Cat

January 2007 - Happy 2007 to all!  We continue to write (almost done!) and will be getting in the studio soon for our second cd within the next 2 months - pending disaster!  We've already started the year with some personal excitement - our guitarist, Johnny proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Tracy; and drummer, Tommy, had emergency surgery on the 7th.  All are well and Tommy is looking forward to waving those sticks around soon.  Thanks for all your calls and cards...  We are also in the process of securing some U.S. and European dates for festivals in the coming year.  Some fests are booking for 2008 already!  We plan to promote the new cd to new labels and management.  As we will be premiering Wayne, (our bassist), we'll probably do some local shows, so please keep on checking the website or calling our "hot" line at 410-724-2838.  Again, a Happy Metal New Year to all...Keep the passion...Cat

October 2006 - Happy Fall!  Still focusing on writing for our next cd, but had a little "down" time due to some personal things - but we're baaaaccckkk...  Wayne has turned out to be a great contributor to our new heavier sound...can't wait for all to meet him!  On a serious note - our condolences go out to our friend, Eric Kader, who's grandfather passed away recently.  And to Scott Saunders and his family who lost Scott's six-year-old nephew, Chase, to a car accident... there is a tribute concert benefit being planned, so will let you know...

Good news!  We have joined forces with RG Concert Productionz and Promotionz out of New Jersey - Rob Grohl specializes in concert promotions, marketing, and management.  He is currently working on securing some touring for us, additional reviews and label interest in South America and Europe.  Stay tuned....

So, Black Widow U.S.A. wishes all you of you a Merry Halloween!  Keep it Metal!"

June 2006 - Happy Summer!  For us, it is...we've added a new bassist!  Please help us welcome Wayne Turpin who came out to see us at WASP, and just HAD to be in Black Widow.  Wayne most recently played with Eighth Day Morning, with previous bands, Dusk and Ten Lashes.  His influences are Chris Squire, Geddy Lee and Steve Harris.  We've only had four rehearsals, and he's working out great...we can't wait to "debut" him!  We're working him in on some new material, and still heading for the studio with harder, heavier, faster songs for your metal listening pleasure.  When Wayne heard our new material, he said, "Now that's Metal Up Your Ass!"  Recently we've been added to the Best Buy website ( and we're on 58 download sites and having some mild success with nearly 150 downloads in the past few months...not too shabby...

So have a great summer - there's a lot of great shows coming to the area - hope to see you there!  Hey...keep it metal....

April 2006 - Happy Spring! Have you noticed lots of spiders creeping around?...

First, many thanks to Dean who filled in on bass, and did an excellent job at the WASP show!  Playing with Dean is, and always will be, great fun for us...and until we can secure another bassist for performance, look forward to seeing him again...

On March 2nd, our friend, and yours, Willie Kobia, the Chef and "King of the Grill" at Jaxx, died suddenly in California, where he was about to visit his mother.  A wonderful memorial service was held on the 20th, with a couple hundred in attendance, including his mother and sister from California.  As Jay Nedry, owner and long-time friend of Willie's, led the crowd in tributes to Willie, it was a joyful, comedic, tender, and tearful memorial to a great man.  He is missed by so many...

Thanks to all who supported us at the WASP/Seven Witches show - we made a lot of new friends that night (Hey, Brandi, BJ, and Shane!), and truly appreciate your response...hope to see you all at the next show!  A special "Happy Birthday" to our own Heavy Metal Warrior, Nancy Lewis, who celebrated on March 21st.  And to our drummer, Tommy, who celebrated on April 17th - he's like the Heavy Metal Energizer Bunny - KEEPS ON ROCKIN'!  While the bass search goes on, we continue to write for our next CD - the new material is harder, heavier, faster - and we'll be recording at Big Bang Audio in Baltimore...  Will keep you posted on the latest...please keep in touch through our Guestbook, or email...  Until then, KEEP IT METAL!

Janurary 2006 - Black Widow wishes all of you a great New Year, with many thanks for your support - "you are the music, we're just the band"...

January began with the cancellation of the MSG show...seems Michael had some money situation that wasn't straightened out, so he canceled the entire VH1 sponsored tour.  We would have loved to play with Leslie West also, but, apparently he couldn't carry the tour, so the whole thing was canceled.  Hey, for those of you who remember the many "disappearing acts" Michael used to have...well, it's Schenker!  Also, we have parted ways with Chip, our bassist of nearly 6 months.  We wish Chip and his great girlfriend, Kara, much success in their future endeavors.  Many thanks to Chip for all his efforts with us...

So, for now, we will use fill-in players while we look for the "perfect" bassist (that's definitely a dichotomy!) that fits with the terrible-trio...  If you know of anyone who's into metal, has pro-equipment, live and studio experience, able to travel, no drug or alcohol problems, please send them our way!  We continue to write for CD#2 and are getting our passports in order for Europe!  Again, a very Metal New Year...and may all your nightmares come true....Cat"

November 2005 - JUST RELEASED! We are on a compilation CD, "The Very Best of Millennium Metal", that is now in all Tower stores.  See our "Discography" section. Also, we are privileged to be appearing with the legendary Michael Schenker and Leslie West and a new guitar god, Doug Doppler, on Saturday, Jan 7 at Jaxx in Springfield Va.  This promises to be one hell of a guitar night! Johnny is thrilled, as Schenker is his favorite guitarist and influence...  As per Jaxx policy, we have tix for sale...

We are in the process of shopping studios, with a hopeful Spring release of our second CD, so get ready for some new, heavier material from Black Widow!  We all wish you a blessed safe...keep it metal...."

October 2005 - Thanks to all our old and new friends, and especially the S.O.V.s, who came to the Krokus gig last month.  We so appreciate your dedication to us, and to our music...  Krokus was unbelievably spectacular - as though they had never skipped a beat - and they haven't - in their native land, Switzerland, they remain at the top of their game, with a #1 best selling CD just last year!  They also headline major festivals in Europe.  Marc, lead singer, was just the greatest guy, as was the rest of the band, who did a meet and great at the end of their long set.  Please visit and catch up with a really great band.

Congratulations to our artist, Joe Gadreau, on the release of his first book!  Please visit his site at for info on the book, and his artwork.  We have a new German review, in English! at and have picked up a new distributor in Bavaria, - we're getting to closer to Europe every day!  Last, but not least, thanks to our new bassist, Chip, for doing such a fantastic job at his first performance with Black time we're out, take the opportunity to talk with Chip - he's a great guy, and a better bassist!!!  We continue to write, continue to seek label interest, and continue to keep the faith....and thanks again for supporting us!

August 2005 - Unfortunately the 19th Milwaukee Metalfast has been postponed until early December.  We know some of the bands who were to perform and know what it involves - preparation, travel plans, etc., and its a great disappointment.  I've always said that the only thing sure in the music business, is that nothing is for sure!  Please keep up with the Metalfest site to see what's happening.

WASP and Metal Church kicked some major ass at Jaxx (or was that the heat due to the broken air conditioning?).  But it prepared us for the heat at Ozzfest!  Iron Maiden stole the show, and Ozzy was in great form, even though not feeling well (he has since had to cancel Black Sabbath on some of the fest dates).  Saw a lot of bands/friends there - King from Deceased and October 31, Flo, Sean from Korrupt, Matt from Division, Jackie and Kim from Scarlet Angel, Don/Wes from Chemical Youth in NC, Scott Saunders, Rayman and Rosie. We had a great time...  Chip is working in great, and again, please come and see his premier performance at the Krokus gig!  Congratulations on the marriage of our friends, John and Denette on August 13th!  See you in September!  Keep the flames burning...."

July 2005 - Please join us in welcoming our new bassist, Chip Tackett! Chip has been on the circuit with Dollar for Dollar and ModZero, a band that we had to opportunity to play with locally. His musical taste is "eclectic", but his heart is pure metal. His first gig with us will be with Krokus on September 17 at Jaxx in Springfield, VA. Please come see the show and let him know what Black Widow fans are like!

Although we are very confident that Chip is capable of performing at the Milwaukee Metalfest, we have decided, for several reasons, to not do the fest this year. We hope that those who are going will have a great time and get turned on to some great metal. {Check out our friends from Louisiana, formerly "Exit 39" ( that we played with at Tampa's Sun N Steel fest last year), now known as "Pigknukkle".} To all our friends at the fest, especially Jack and "Fish", see you next year!

We continue to write for our next CD, and with Chip, we'll add a new spark to the fire of our new material. After Krokus, we'll be with Saxon in November, and will have discount tix for both shows (please email). Please check the site often for further upcoming dates....

We want to thank our former bassist, Dean Meredith, for being a part of Black Widow for nearly two years. Good luck in your future endeavors.

Hope your summer is going well...we're off to see WASP and Metal Church at Jaxx, then Ozzfest, Hammerfall and Edguy at Jaxx, and Alice Cooper/Cheap Trick at Wolftrap. See you at the shows! Be safe...Keep the Metal fires burning....Cat

May 2005 - "May 2005 Our WebGod, Tom, has added a new feature to our site - a mailing list - so when you sign the guestbook, or if you just want to be on our mailing list, please click on the mailing list and leave your email address so that we can keep you informed. Thanks!

Had a great time with King and Deceased, and the guys in Twisted Tower Dire at The Brewery in Raleigh, NC. Tom, the owner, is a really nice guy and still "keeping it metal" in a college town. If you're in that area, make sure to check it out...

We've added some new songs, and are looking forward to performing them at the Chicago Classic Metalfest 5 and seeing some people that we met at last year's. Check it out at

We're off in June, working on some new material, and going to see Judas Priest in VA. July, we're out on the road again in Jersey and enjoy the summer weather, and...Keep it Metal!"

March 2005 - Thanks to all our new friends in NC who rocked with us at the Winterfest, "To Hell and Back" and the "Seven Witches" show in VA. As usual, we had a great time on the road and met a lot of interesting headbangers (see pics). Once again, we thoroughly enjoyed playing with Seven Witches, who always puts on a terrific metal show.

April 30th, we will have the privilege of performing with our good friend, King Fowley, of Deceased, and also Twisted Tower Dire at the infamous Brewery in NC. Looking forward to a new place and new metalheads to meet!

Look for us in May (NOTE: SHOW POSTPONED UNTIL NOVEMBER) in VA with Saxon, whom we've also had the privilege to perform with before. This band, one of the "Godfathers of Heavy Metal" is so powerful and purely metal, and a great bunch of guys. They headline major fests in Europe with 60,000, and yet they still make sure they get to their loyal fans in the States. They have confirmed only six dates in the States, so please spread the word! We will have discount tix available by emailing See you there!"

January 2005 - A happy and healthy New Year! February 11th will find us at the Winterfest, "To Hell and Back" in Greensboro, NC, at The Somewhere Else Tavern, thanks to our friends, Beyond Glory and then closer to home, we'll be at Jaxx in Springfield, VA on Feb 19 premiering some of our new material for CD 2! We'll be playing with Jack Frost's "Seven Witches". We've done four shows with them (you think they'd ask us to tour with them by now!) and they are one of our favorites - musically and personally...please don't miss this show! We will be offering discount tickets by contacting Also, please check out October 31's new CD, "No Survivors" - our friend, King Fowley, and his gang have put out one hell of a thrashfest! Contact We've recently added a new distributor for "Satan's Playground" - "Sonic Cathedral". Its a website for female/female fronted bands with US and UK distribution. We're happy to be a part of the Cathedral family. Please check out this great site at Our artist, Joe Gadreau, was featured on the front page of a local community paper, The Gazette. He has written a children's book, "The Adventures of Whiney Erin in Tear Drop Land" which is soon to be published. He's also working on the cover of our next CD. Congrats to Joe! We're still setting our sites on the next CD, and getting to Europe...Want to come out and play? Until next month....keep the faith..."

December 2004 - Took a little holiday break, but still working on new material. Also, due to a name conflict, we will be filing our trademark as "Black Widow USA". Will let everyone know when the change is official. We've decided that 2005 will be the Metal Year of the Spider! Have a safe and healthy New Year! Keep the faith....

September 2004 - October 1 will mark the 4th time we've played with Seven Witches this year, and we're really looking forward to the New Hampshire Metal Nation Fest and the cd release party of their new cd, "Year of the Witch". Come on up - road trip!!!!

August 2004 - Met a lot of fellow-metalheads at the Milwaukee Metalfest, including the founder, Jack Koshick - if you ever get a chance to run into him, please express your appreciation for all he does for the Metal world - he's brought Metal to the masses for 18 years, and believe me, thats not an easy feat. Rob Grohl, who missed his calling as a comedian, is right along side Jack - these two really care about doing this for us...we are indebted...

Had an especially good time with Craig from Hell Church out of Houston (who had auditioned for us many years ago when he lived in Fort Meade!), Tina and Jeff from Beyond Glory out of North Carolina, and Johnny raved about Little Green Men from Dallas. Roger, from Jaxx, in Springfield, VA, was there doing some sound work for the Misfits, which was a real surprise to hook up with him. And we met up with some friends from Iron Cross and Seven Witches that we had met in Tampa, Jersey and Chicago...the Heavy Metal family grows...

We will be concentrating on new material in the next few months, may do a fest in California in December, and forever keeping it moving forward... Be safe....Cat"

July 2004 - Oh, the life of playing Heavy Metal...seems it keeps us from updating the website - sorry! The Tampa Sun N Steel fest was more than we expected - great hall, great sound, good turn-out, and a lot of "fun" at the pre-party show at Boomerz (like when we got there, there was no equipment!), and, of course, the weather was spectacular! For the first one, everything went smoothly, thanks to John York, Stage Manager Extraordinaire!

The New Jersey Metal Meltdown was packed - and again, everything was great fun, although the Cricket Club has barbed-wire around the place! (hey, its New Jersey!)

Chicago Classic Metalfest turned out to be a blast, and met a lot of great people there - like the promoters, Brad, Lynette and Cortney. There's quite a music scene around Chicago - lots of nationals and tribute bands galore. We're definitely looking forward to next years!

We're off for the 18th annual Milwaukee Metalfest on the 30th and 31st of July with two stages, one outdoors - this is the big one, folks! Look for an update when we get back.

Recently, we've gotten radio air play in Chile, Bosnia, and soon to be in Rochester New York, along with some other internet stations, so look out 98 Rock!

Our artist, Joe, finally has his website up - please check it out at and note the T-shirt he's wearing! Congrats to Joe, and start working on our next cover!

We've been working and playing our new material and are compiling tunes for our next cd - with hopes for label backing on this one...stay "tuned"....

Johnny, his girlfriend, Tracy, and Tommy and I went to Cleveland in June to see Primal Fear, Seven Witches, Doro, Metal Church and several others at the BraveWords, Bloody Knuckles fest. What a show!!! Check out the pics with Doro! She was so friendly and accessible, as were the other bands - we got to meet Primal Fear, Metal Church, and hang out with Seven Witches - of course, it didn't hurt that we were all staying in the same hotel! And we made friends with a great metal band from England - Shadow Keep - please check out their website on our links. This show is what metal is all about...don't miss it next year - we won't! In the June issue of Metal Maidens, there is a full article on Black Widow with an interview. Metal Maidens in one of the premier metal mags in Europe, and it was an honor to be included in their pages. Thanks for all your support! Yours in Metal....Cat

January 2004 - Black Widow approached to play multi-metal festivals! See the tour page, and if you need more info, please email

October 2003 - Tracks from "Satan's Playground" aired in New York, Internet Station, "Audio Aggression", on Monday nights. "Satan's Playground" distributed through in Germany

September 2003 - Tracks from "Satan's Playground" aired in Crete, Greece
First all original performance at The Hot Spot in Essex, MD

August 2003 - "Satan's Playground" distributed through

July 2003 - "Satan's Playground" 12 song CD released Distribution through Available in Baltimore Locations: Record and Tape Traders, Joe's Record Paradise (also Rockville) The Sound Garden, Music-Go-Round, Cockeysville, Flaming Dice Tattoos, Jarretsville.

05/21/03 - Black Widow has finished recording their debut CD .The packaging and Art work is its final process and we should be looking at a mid to end of June release. "Satan's Playground" will feature 12 original tracks (one more then expected).There will be a CD release show date, but we are not sure where that will take place yet. We are also looking to play out of state shows (Like New York and NJ) and looking into it. Black Widow is concentrating on a promoting the CD heavily in Europe, due to the appeal that Metal still has overseas compared to the current sad US market. Keep checking for news updates and thanks to everyone that is,and have been, interested in the band!!! "We Love You All" :)

04/15/03 - Black Widow has been busy finishing recording their debut CD .The recording process should be finished in about a week and the tittle will be "Satan's Playground" and it will feature 11 original tracks. They will also have a CD release show date,so keep posted in the next few weeks by checking the Tour Schedule section

- If you want to listen to a wav file preview of "When Heaven Comes Down"(you will need Windows Media Player on your computer) when ready,just click the CD Now Image.