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Black Widow

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Russell - 8/30/2012
been a LONG time since i have seen you guys cave in some skulls.keep meltin faces!

Tracy - 11/1/2011
Cat & Tom miss you guys!! ROCK ON BABY!!!!

Ken Sicher - 1/4/2011
I learned of the death of my friend and former bandmate Willy Kobia on Facebook from Good Old John Piette (yes, I'm a former member of August; aren't you? lol.) I made me very happy to find that great tribute was made to a fine person, I'm only sorry I missed it. All The Best from Austin Texas USA. KS

charlie burriss - 11/13/2010
Tom and Cathy, I'm one of your original guitar players along with Vic Rasa. So proud of you guys. Cathy (Cat)you are one of the hottest chicks in rock hands down. Tom you are an awesome drummer to this day. What a treat to find you. Much love to your family.

Courtney Singleton - 5/9/2009

Garris Singleton - 5/9/2009

rick thiel - 12/30/2008
miss u guys hair is growing back lol it might longer than Johnnies

donald cox - 8/24/2008
hi it`s donny cox or going to be the open for ac/dc when they came hear let me know i would like to get back there & see the band i love ac/dc they get a new cd came out in october call black ice so call me 443-848-9046 thank donny

rick - 8/13/2008
greetings from washington state

rick - 4/27/2008
hope your show went well

rick - 4/27/2008
miss u guys

Russ (Land of DOOM) - 4/18/2008
Black Widow USA ROXX!!! ;)~

Martin / Ritual Steel - 3/25/2008
best wishes from RITUAL STEEL! Your new album rules!
Best regards!

Willie - 2/3/2008
Hi Cat and Tommy- I am playin' your latest CD as I type! Nice meeting you yesterday at Mike and Elle's. When the next CD comin' Metal4ever!

Cat - 1/16/2008
To "Hot for Johnny" - he's engaged, but appreciates the "compliment"!

Hot for Johnny - 1/8/2008
Is Johnny the guitarist single?

Ron and Kristine - 12/15/2007
Heard the new cd.Much better production,sounds great!!

jim esch - 12/10/2007
was at the show a few years ago in st. pete, fl sun in steel show i work for forcer check the web site out new cd coming out soon

VoiVod Waltz - 11/5/2007
I love your (music)!!!

Ron and Kristine - 10/28/2007
Hey Johnny!!! Hope things are going well and were looking forward to hearing the new cd. WIDOW MANIA BABY!!!!

donald cox - 10/24/2007
i it`s donny just want to say hi ok tall tiffany i said hi thank u donny.

Jorma - 9/4/2007
I saved an 18 month old girls life and left the NIH Doctors scratching their proverbial heads, How? and

Hi to everyone back in MD

Enar - 8/21/2007
Not really but I thought y'all would get a kick

Dick - 7/16/2007
Cat, add me to the fan list. What a first rate web site, killer sound and visuals. Will see if we cant get a cd player on the bus! Regardless, save me a cd, my order is on the way.

Andrea - 5/25/2007
Hey a friend of mine (Joe) told me about the band ,so I wanted to check the site out. Looks awesome.
I contact local bands in the area so if you want to talk with me, message me at!

Brandy & BJ - 5/21/2007
Thank you so much for the package. Mucho appreciated! We love it!

None ya beeswax! - 5/17/2007
American Idol is looking for bands now. No matter what genre, type, and AGE!!! They are accepting applications now. Thought that you would like to know.

Jen barajas - 5/8/2007
keep rockin that good music.


BRENDA SMITH - 5/8/2007

DEB - 1/3/2007

Wayne - 12/19/2006
Merry XMAS all! Happy New Year

Nicki SK! - 11/7/2006
Hail from England!thanks for the e-mail hope you feel better soon, like the site guys cant wait to hear your cd! Anyway a big HELLO to the guys for me take it easy.

Teri - 10/26/2006
Hi Guys,
Loved the pictures. Cool web site!

Metallica - 10/4/2006
Even though you folks are of the older generation of rockers, so are we now. Keep going but not until you're in a nursing home!

fflashfishy - 9/18/2006
Great web site....

jamile - 6/15/2006
well i got the pics don momma i will be sending that slide show soon ok love you

antionwynette - 6/11/2006

bob - 5/17/2006
HELLO Black Widow, I found your website when, I was as I often do, was scouring the web for all things METAL and have to say after checking out your music -- you guys can really rock & I love the fact that you play in that old style vane of classic power METAL -- I am from Jax, FL but, I certainly wish you much success!!!!



JD Bradshaw - 3/21/2006
Thank you for buying my new cd..You guys rock!

mitch - 3/19/2006

Dave - 3/12/2006
Hey 'Yall. Dave here. Just wanted to drop in & say hi. Keep rockin' & see 'ya soon.

Brandy "Lawless" - 3/9/2006
I saw you guys w/ WASP @ Jaxx and you were awesome! I got to meet and talk to Cat and Johnny thumped a pick into my head and I caught it and I got to shake his hand! Thanks to CAT I got to meet Blackie Lawless -my 'Crimson Idol'- b/c I was waiting in the back talking to the roadies and she said "hi Blackie" and I was the only one who heard her and I ran up to Blackie and he signed my tattoo of himself! I got to thank CAT in person after the show and she told me to check you guys out so I did! I going to go to one of your shows as soon as you come to my area - S.C.! I got to see you guys again! Cat - U are so awesome and cant wait to see your show again Tommy and Chip are cool too and I cant leave out Johnny! He was sooooo Awesome at playing the guitar and HOT on top of that! Rock on guys! Love ya, Lawless in S.C.!

jamile - 3/5/2006
Momma kick ass show i loved seeing everyone sov. it was great see you i missed all of you i felt right back at home like i never left

Cat - 3/3/2006
Willie Kobia, the chef at Jaxx, died on Thursday morning...he was truly a mainstay fixture at Jaxx...there was always Jay, and always Willie. Besides being a great cook, he was also a talented musician...Jaxx won't be quite the same without him...we dedicate our show tonight to Willie...and now he walks with angels, and all the great musicians that are playing on the "other side"...

jamile - 3/3/2006
butta momma that means we will have to rock for him on sat

jamile - 3/3/2006
dam momma i did not know willie from jaxxs left us that sucks tell jay are love gose out to his family ..............
love jamile

jamile - 2/28/2006
hay tish call me momma cat has my number

Tish - 2/28/2006
Hello everyone. I know it's been a while. I kinda dropped off the face of the earth. I hope all is well with everyone. I do miss you all quite alot!

jamile - 2/26/2006
hey any one hear from tish i can't find her sniff sniff my sisteris lost ..... well i have not been around but guess what i will be at jaxxs i miss everyone love you all momma cat e-mail me........

jamile - 2/23/2006
hey cat i got a camera that lets me print right on the spot after i tate the photo's if are money situation is right we will be there if not we will try somthing i miss you all

Mark - 2/14/2006
nice site

TONY KENYON - 2/6/2006

Cat - 1/14/2006

jamile - 1/11/2006
hey guys miss you all can not wait to see you soon let me know when the next show is love ya
momma cat call me

Cat - 12/26/2005
Aaahh...Schenker does it again...cancelled the entire tour with Leslie West - VH1 probably isnt too happy, but, hey, its Schenker! So sorry that we wont see you at Jaxx on the 7th..tix are refundable...
We want to wish you the best for the new year, with many thanks for all your support!

deborah - 12/9/2005
when you guys going to make that country album ha ha ha

Cat - 12/7/2005
Thanks to our web-god, Tom, most of the spam messages will never reach your bloodshot eyes. Thanks for your patience! By entering the code in the box, it prevents non-visitors from spamming the site...thanks again...

Cat - 11/14/2005
Hey!!!! Please come out Thursday at Jaxx to see Jack Frost's Seven Witches with Kamelot!! See you there....

jamile - 10/23/2005
hope you had a happy birthday momma cat

Lisa - 10/23/2005
Hey all! Had a blast with you all in AC yesterday!! Cat, I hope you had a most wonderful birthday! Love to all! See you real soon.

JAMILE!!!!!! - 10/14/2005
thought i was gone just been getting my self together momma cat e-mail me ok .....

TEQUILLA - 10/11/2005

russ - 9/27/2005
keep up the good u metal heads hope to see u play in my town soon dunkirk,ny

Cat - 9/12/2005
Dave...will call Tuesday...Olivia, please join the mailing list so I can respond to your entry....SEE YOU ALL AT KROKUS THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!

dave beall - 9/12/2005
we are playing with you guys at the saxon show call me 703-618-4321 [porch]

Susi - 9/9/2005
Hello there Black Widow, found your page by ma friend West Side Dave... wow you have a very cool page :-) Keep on rocking and keep up your good work. Well have a nice weekend. Greetings from Germany Susi

Tracie (S.O.V) - 9/7/2005
Can't wait for the show-it's been too long!! and this sister is ready to ROCK!!!!

The Heavy Metal Warrior - 9/6/2005
I can finally post a message! On behalf of the S.O.V. girls, we can't wait for the 17th! I feel sorry for Krokus! I wonder what kind of trouble we will get into! As Johnny would say, "Smack that ass!".

Black Widow and S.O.V. FOREVER!!!!!!!

Josh - 7/30/2005
I'm glad i came across this site, although i haven't heard you guys yet, from seeing your pictures, it looks like you guys rock out hard and genuinely enjoy yourselves on stage.

What i really want to do though is say hi to one of my old freinds chip. I just wanted to say that i am very proud to know that your still rocking out and keeping the dream of music alive man. Even though we had some tough times in ModZero, i always wanted to thank you for mentoring me and showing me the ropes of handling myself in what was at the time my first hardcore metal band experience as a drummer. We had some good times together and as a band, that i will always treasure. I'm glad we got to rock out Thunderdome at least once :o) Although we never did get the videotape from that show, lol. ;o)
I hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying yourself in your new project. Once again thanks for all the good times, and take care in all that you do. Say hi to kara for me, i hope she is doing well.

black widow you guys have one hell of bassist, keep rocking out and enjoying the beauty of music.


Cat - 7/29/2005

Doug - 7/25/2005
The cd really kicks ass!!! You know what metal is all about!!! Thanks for catching me in the web!

Cat - 7/10/2005
Thanks for signing our guestbook! Please join our mailing list so that we can notify you of upcoming events! Thanks....

check it out - 6/30/2005

oops - 6/30/2005
sorry forgot to tell yall that two members were replaced and we call ourself PIGKNUKKLE now!!

shannon - 6/30/2005
hey people, its me the bassist for EXIT39!! Looking forward to partying with yall again in milwaukee!!

Tracie (S.O.V) - 6/27/2005
I need a dose of BLACK WIDOW!!!!!!

Enzo - 6/5/2005
Hi guys!!Black Widow kicked ass in Lansing.A big hello from Italy..Enzo (HERALDRY)

Cat - 5/8/2005 too! Change of time in Chicago...7pm Friday...see you there!

Bill - 5/8/2005
Can't wait to see you guys in Chicago on Friday. Bill (Unearthed)

Crazy Ted - 5/3/2005
Hey I just sent you guys a snail mail today put me Crazy Ted on the guestlist for that show. When is soundcheck? I will try to arrive for Soudcheck

Cat - 5/2/2005
Many thanks to The Brewery in Raleigh, and to King and Deceased, and Twisted Tower Dire for a night of pure metal. It was great seeing old friends again, and making new ones! (like Kevin who saw us in Milwaukee last year - that man travels for Metal!) A special thanks to Jess for handling our merch - you rock...see you all in Chicago!

Kevin - 5/2/2005
It is very nice to meet everyone at the show at the Brewery in Raleigh, NC. I look forward to seeing Black Widow again.


Crazy Ted From Chicago USSA. - 5/2/2005
Shackmama Old Pantera the first 4 cds when they were a Glam Def Leppard type band was Great but then With Poser Anselmo they turned in to Macho Crap Metal. YO Yo Phil The Whigger in The House..... PROJECTS IN THE JUNGLE/Power Metal That was there good stuff.... Got to go this rules too

Crazy TEd. - 5/2/2005
Brian Blackwidow Rock for sure Hammerfall Suck. Those Posers are playing Costa Rica soon. I say Blackwidow tour in Latin America. Blackwidow Rocks and Hammerfall is Total Shit.... They Are Posers... Hey Cat You sure beat out Betsy Bitch on vocals Rock on Fucking Yes.......PS Acero from San Jose Costa Rica also KILL.

Crazy Ted..... - 5/2/2005
Hey Blackwidow I will come early that day to see you guys and Gardy Loo So get me in for free and get me my shirt for sure. You Guys Rock for Sure... E Mail Me too at and I have been in The Metal Scene here in chicago since 1984 and am 36 years old.

jamile bodnar - 4/26/2005
thank you momm cat we miss you all and love you

Brian(Bestbuy) - 4/24/2005
Hey, well I heard the samples sounds pretty awesome. Yeah, I listened to hammerfall pretty rad. Well, keep it going...

Cat - 4/23/2005
Congrats to our friends, Jamile and Jake, who finally tied the noose...I mean knot! The best to you and your future children! Black Widow thanks you both for your everlasting support. I'll be in touch...

jamile bodnar - 4/21/2005
hello i did i got married on 4-20-2005 god it is hard to belive i made it i was crying and laughting and drunk lolo call me guys love ya hey tom happy b day love i know it is comin up soon i think lolo

Cat - 4/16/2005
Tim...need your email address to respond - email, subject, Tim thanks....

Tim - 4/14/2005
I don`t know if you can provide any assitance to me or not, but a while back I was present at some of your shows and you had a guitarest by the name of Mick who is currently in another band. I recently seen his band at the Bullseye in Millersville and noticed that they are now a four-piece when previosly they had five members. My question is they had a lead singer by the name of Ron and I was wondering if you knew how to contact him as my band is in dire need of a lead singer and we were wondering if his services were available. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and may you have continued success!!

JJ & Tabitha - 3/28/2005
Hey Cat, it's us, you said to sign the guestbook and I am signing it, but I am at a loss for werds, words too.
We really miss everyone down there, Pittsburgh is the shite, no I don't mean in a good way, I mean pittsburgh is the shite, like dookie, We hate it here and We miss Cat and Blackwidow and everyone.

Cat - 3/28/2005
Just a note about the SAXON show that has been postponed - Biff's home in France burned to the ground, destroying everything. He and wife and 4 small children all survived, but, as you can imagine, it takes time to recovery from such a tragedy. They will be doing major metalfests in Europe, but have postponed their US visit. Please join us in November for a show to remember!

Steve - 3/13/2005
Greetings All....
Metal Zine 666 is a new site that is here to help support the metal scene for all bands National/Regional/Local/Unsigned.Our site features: Reviews/Interviews/Band Links/BOTM and much more to come.Please feel free to stop by the site and give it a try..Promoting Heavy metal One Band at A Time....

jamile - 2/22/2005
hey cat it's me loved seeing you guys even if we were late i wish i was not but y ou know how that is well we love you call me and let me know another show

great seeing tish and nancy and tracy and even jordan love you all

jamile you guys can e-mail me any time

Jennifer - 2/22/2005
Kat!!! It was great getting to meet and hang with you n' Scott and seeing you guys live for the first time was a real treat!! here's to many more!!!!

Cat - 2/20/2005
We were very privileged to play with our road-buddies, Seven Witches, in VA last night! They always amaze me...Many thanks to our friends, and new fans, who came to the Jaxx show! And to Nancy, our Heavy Metal Warrior - we'd be lost without you...

Cat - 2/20/2005
Warren and our new friends in NC - we had a great time at Burley's, with many thanks to Eddie Mayhem and Shelley Faith, and Tina from Beyond Glory, and Steve "Blackie" from Orphan Soul! The Metal community is a great family because of people like you...hope to see you again....

Kerri - 2/18/2005
lOVE yA, cAT

Shackmama - 2/14/2005
'Bout time there is a local show! Looking forward to the gig!!

warren - 2/12/2005
wow what a show in n.c. last night thanks for the guitar pick check us out at and we would love to open up for you guys maybe in va.or md rock on......warren

jamile - 2/2/2005
hey momma cat save 2 ticks me and jake are there on the 19th show love ya

jamile - 1/23/2005
ps I AM GETTING MARRIE ON APIRL 20TH 2005 for real at my home i hope you all can come cat call me

jamile - 1/23/2005
long time no here from huh missing the metal man

Cat - 1/18/2005
Danvil...hope you made it back to NY okay...sorry for the disappointment we all had to face...last I heard, he was doing fair...the passion that made him so good, is the same passion that makes it so bad...please email me at so we can keep in touch...Keep the faith...

Danvil - 1/17/2005
Hey tommy and hey Cat. Nice to see you at the Pentagram show. Im Joes friend from Boston.

Cheryl Ann Plane - 1/11/2005
Cathie- this is cool

"Fishbone"(S.O.V) - 1/10/2005
Arachnia is to much to say with the word Black... nice thought, but it needs to have a quick punch to it.

NJ Metal Meltdown Fans - 1/6/2005
Just thought we would throw in our two cents...Black Arachnia doesn't sound half bad. We also agree it sounds more metal.

Cat - 1/4/2005
Jimmy...I like it...will let you know how it flies...need your email...thanks for your interest...

Jimmy - 1/2/2005
You guys are going to change the name to Black Widow USA? If I may be so bold, and if you want to keep the "spider" thing going, something like Black Arachnia sounds more "metal".

Chris & Lisa - 12/29/2004
Cat & Tom-Hey there! Sorry we missed your party in December. Look forward to seeing you on New Years. Website looks great!

Cat - 12/28/2004
To Heavy Duty...if you're talking about Mick, our former guitarist, he is alive and well and playing rock covers in the area with his own band...our best to him...and thanks for the inquiry - hope you're enjoying Black Widow anyway!

Cat - 12/28/2004
Chris...I know you didn't get those muscles just from stacking apples! Thanks!

Cat - 12/28/2004
Wishing all a wonderful, safe, and healthy New Year - 2005 will be the Metal Year of the Spider!

The Heavy Metal Warrior - 12/24/2004
Merry Axemas to all and to all a metal night!

Shackmama - 12/20/2004
Well, another kick ass Black Widow Xmas party! It was a blast. Until next year...

chris - 12/15/2004
Hey Cat,just checking out your cool website after a hard day of stacking apples.

Heavy Duty - 12/14/2004
Hey! Wheres Mick?

Shackmama - 12/11/2004
What can I say? We, the metal community, have lost a very special person. I was totally in to Pantera when CFH came out. Pretty much saw them whenever they came into town. Dimebag Darrell was phenomenal. God, he made playing the guitar look so damn easy. As I am sitting here typing this, I am absolutely broken hearted over this senseless tragedy. I just can't believe it. Please check out for more info on what happened that night. The metal community needs to stick together and support each other and our music. We can't allow schizo losers like Nathan Gale destroy what we love still to this day. Our music. Unfortunately, he took one of the good guys.

RIP Dimebag (Diamond) Darrell. Until we meet at the "gates".

Dr. Ron - 12/8/2004
Keep on rippin it!

Kevin - 11/28/2004
Hey Just want to say thanks for your support at Buffalo Billards last weekend. I like your website and look forward to coming to one of your shows. 23skadoo thanks you.

Shackmama/Heavy Metal Warrior - 11/24/2004
HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ONE AND ALL!!! Love ya! Hey Tom, Metal Church kicked ass, huh?!? Everyone please have a very safe holiday.

Metal Forever!!!

nathan - 11/20/2004
excellent site!!! check out my site at if you guys get a chance!! join the forum!

Shackmama - 11/17/2004
What's shakin'? Cat, per our conversation this evening, don't sweat it. It will all work out! That's what metal is all about!

I would also like to acknowledge a friend of mine that passed away this past June. His name is Jeff Reid. Most people know him from SR71. I knew him when he was in a band called Lofton many moons ago. There was a benefit for him at Thunderdome this past Sunday called "Honor Among Friends". Jeff was truly a very special person and it showed. The place was packed!!! All the proceeds went to the St. Agnes Cancer Foundation. Jeff died of lung cancer at 36. He never smoked a day in his life. Jeff started in metal and still loved it. You can hear his influences in the music that he wrote. Please check out to see more about Jeff and his life. This world is short one more cool person. Love ya Jeff!!!

Black Widow, thanks for letting me post this. Luv ya guys! Metal and Friends Forever!
The Heavy Metal Warrior

Cat - 11/14/2004
Damien...please re-email, with Damien in the subject - not ignoring you, just didn't receive anything from you... sorry....

Damien - 11/13/2004
How come you guys don't answer your email?

Dane Barber - 11/5/2004
Hey Kat !
Glad to see Black Widow still alive and well.
hope to catch a show soon !!
as always your band has the full support of my site. "Concerts & Shows"

Cat - 10/24/2004
For those who have been following the "trademark" saga, I have requested the unidentified person to contact me through email/mail. This questbook is not an avenue for rhetoric...any further guestbook entries regarding our trademark will be deleted. Thanks for your patience...And as an afterthought, I'm glad this person/s thinks we're such a "threat"....We love you all!

Cat - 10/24/2004
Kev...give me a break! I've been on the road! And you can drool on me anytime, my sweet baby....

Kevin - 10/15/2004
Aunt Cat, wheres my picture you said you would post? Much love and druel xxxxoooo

Lisa Pizza - 9/29/2004
Happy, safe, & rockin' travels to Black Widow. Take care, dear friends. Love you.

Shackmama - again! - 9/25/2004
I can finally leave you a message! Woo Hoo!! Hey guys! I just wanted to say how proud I am of ya! I know about all of the hard work that each of you has put into the band and the music. We all just have to keep a Metal heart. Love ya all! Oh, Johnny, how did ya day go?! Smack that ass! S.O.V. FOREVER!!
The Heavy Metal Warrior

Shackmama - 9/25/2004

Beni :) - 9/22/2004
Black Widow Rocks!! Luv you guys!!

Austin - 9/16/2004
hey cat this is your old buddy austin! how is everyone doing? email me your new phone number so we can keep in touch tell johnny and tom i said hi and i must say the website looks great!! love and peace

Cat - 9/11/2004
Warlock...never thought of it that way! Very clever...thanks for visiting....

Warlock - 9/7/2004
these are balls on your cursor.....metal has LOTS of BALLS!! O damn....they're BLUE!

Eddie Kaplan - 9/7/2004
Thanx for the recognition.........YOU guys are the ones that rock! I hope u guys the best on your new successes! nice job, u earned it!

Cat and the boys - 9/6/2004

Cat - 9/6/2004
You havent heard of Danny Gans?!?!?!? Me either...til I went to Vegas with Lisa and there were billboards all over with his pic and "entertainer of the year" - we'd never heard of the guy and we figured his mother owned the billboard company...
Nice of JJ, Adam and Gene to visit, but lets keep the topics on METAL, OKAY?

Daniel - 9/1/2004
Intersdante musica pero el sonido ahi no mas. la vocalista, onda Doro, y la msuca estilo Judas antiguo.Intersdante,

Lisa - 8/26/2004
Hey, Sasha! Thanks for investigating Danny Gans. I still think his mother owns the billboard company.

sasha - 8/24/2004
P.S im not married

sasha - 8/24/2004
still lookin up danny gans (entertainer of the year) for you cat..

Shannon Donnelly - 8/16/2004

Cat - 8/12/2004
Happy Birthday Johnny! You rock my world...enjoy Gilligan...

Dj (from San Francisco) - 8/2/2004
Rock on BW! Pleasure talking to you today Cat and wish you and the band all the success in the world!

Yves Nauleau - 7/7/2004
Toutes mes félicitations
Votre musique est excellente
Vous devez continuer dans cette voie

Toine & Rita van Poorten - 7/4/2004
Hi Cat,

Just a short note in your guestbook, because your email isn't working and all my messages are returned somehow......
Did you already receive the magazines??!??? I hope so. Please let me know!!!!! I hope you enjoyed it!!!

HAPPY 4th of July,

Yours in Metal,

Toine & Rita van Poorten,
Metal Maidens magazine

Tina - 6/27/2004
Hell-o! I heard about you guys through King! You are awesome!! I'm really looking forward to playing Milwaukee with you! Let's hook up and make the most of the weekend. We should do shows together locally as well! Horns up!!! Hope to see you soon!

Mr.Chaps - 6/24/2004
still waiting for my phone call.

Mark K - 6/20/2004
You have a great looking website. Best of luck in the future and continued success.

Stop by and visit our site:

Vanguard News Network

mark ramsey - 6/19/2004
whats up baby i miss your phone calls.i hope more doors open for you guys.keep rocken

jamile - 6/15/2004
hey momma haveing a gathering on sunday you guys should come call me love ya

Jorma & Tabitha - 5/25/2004
Lotsa love to the our extended (Black Widow) family.
We miss you all, *clicks heels thrice* There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home.

jamile - 5/17/2004
i love you guys and miss all please no think that i have been dising anyone ihave been so busy with everything in my life but i miss and love you all really i do
jamile 1st tatoo for black widow hell yeah....picking on you johnny lol.... love sent to all my sisters of s.o.v.

Aileen, Bern & K.K. - 5/11/2004
All of our love and best wishes on your tour! Your the best friends anyone could ever have! Good luck in Chicago!

jamile - 5/7/2004
hey!!! been along time but you know trying to get shit together it is a pain in the ass but i miss al of you blackwidow and my s.o.v. love you all

Vince Corvelli - 4/30/2004
Hey bros. KNOCK the socks off everyone. You buddy Vince

Black Widow and Friends - 4/15/2004

Cat - 4/15/2004
Hey, how do you like these "bubble" things on the cursor? There's no bubbles in Heavy Metal! - just ask Ozzy!!!!!

Cat - 4/15/2004
Our good friend, King Fowley, from Deceased and October 31, has had a medical set-back and won't be back on stage for a few months..please wish him a quick recovery - the Metal world misses him!

Cat - 4/15/2004
To Tish - thanks for your kind are the music, we're just the band...
And as for "Chris" - our web guy wanted to remove any negative comments, but I wanted him to keep them on - when you put yourself in front of people, you have to accept the good with the bad - and their opinion...I can only assume that he/she is not really a metal fan, because metal is about "real" and "honest" and about the passion of the music, not about what it "looks" like. Don't be mad at him/her - just feel sorry for them...
I love you Tish!

adx - 4/14/2004
great album

Tisha - 4/5/2004
Geez...that Chris guys is a jack-ass!
I hope Satan gets him while he's sleeping!!

Tisha - 4/5/2004
Hello Black Widow! I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how much ass you guys kicked in Jersey! It was really great seeing you guys play the Metal Fest!

- 4/2/2004
ass I mean

Crusher - 4/2/2004
You kick as!!!!!!!!!

Beth Griner - 3/15/2004
Hi guys ! It's been a long time. Kevin and I got married last year. And we had Sarah living with us for a year. She is now back with her Mom. So things have been quit busy. We would love to come see you guys play so keep us informed. Love ya, Beth

harri - 3/3/2004
black widow kicks ass!

DMD Innovations - 3/2/2004
DMD Innovations would like to invite your band out to Crossroads in Glen Burnie, Saturday, March 13th to view our multi-media production. Our production consists of live stage shots, creative band logos, and moving graphic backgrounds, which we will be running for the band performing that evening, The Coalition. Why Crossroads? DMD Innovations will show you that there is no club too big or too small for our multi-media production. Although Crossroads has been a challenge for us, our technical staff has developed the right size multi-media production for this venue. DMD Innovations will be using three separate video screens on stage and throughout the club to enhance The Coalition’s performance. So come on out and see what DMD Innovations can do for your band. If your band is interested and would like more info about DMD Innovations, ask for Joan Taeuber at Crossroads, Saturday March 13th, or email

Raven - 3/1/2004
Great Album Girl and Boys!
Black Widow really kick some ass!!!!

Gene Simmons - 2/26/2004
Like the girl with the tongue....

Tyler gilmour cats nephew - 2/20/2004
hey guys site looks good and that best wishes and good luck on your first album its awsome and good luck with the tour

LisaPizza - 2/20/2004
The site looks GREAT. Much success to Black Widow, with all my love!

Cat - 2/19/2004
Thanks to Tom at MDParty for being our web-geek! Great Job!!!!

Black Widow - 2/17/2004
Thanks for stopping by our web site. We'd love to hear from you. Post your message here.